Foreign Language

Premium Chinese Language Program


“CHAIHONG” (彩虹) is the Chinese word for rainbow. It was developed by authors who are specialized in the education of Chinese as a foreign language and have more than 10 years’ experience in writing Chinese textbooks for children, based on our corporate philosophy to inspire youth through education services.
Studies and tests have verified the effectiveness of this program in improving reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in an easy and fun way. The learners are able to maximize their educational efficiencies by utilizing our applied textbooks and creative teaching methods.

Internet-based education with a professional Japanese teacher

Webro Japanese

Webro Japanese is a Japanese education program for middle school students ~ adults.
In this program, through Internet-based education with offline auxiliary textbook, a professional Japanese teacher offers study management/consulting based on the Small Step procedure (through telephone and Internet) on a weekly basis.
Education contents consist of 300 sets divided into 12 courses; students can check their own level through formative and performance tests. In this program, aside from the “online lecture,” students will learn Japanese naturally and in a fun way by experiencing various contents related to Japan through the “Japan tour,” which was filmed entirely on location in Japan. It targets middle school students and adults who are preparing for JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test).