Global Education

Building Our Brands in the World
Eye Level
Daekyo’s overseas operations serve two main segments: the Noonnoppi Education for Korean children living outside Korea and the Eye Level Education for local children. For the globalization of Noonnoppi Education, the most authoritative brand that contains its singular know-how cumulated for the past 30 years, the company is expanding the business into the world by establishing local subsidiaries, franchises and joint ventures.

The Americas

Daekyo penetrated into the American market in 1991 with the establishment of the LA subsidiary, and merged 3 local subsidiaries in 2007 for a more efficient management.
We have eight branches in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, D.C., Dallas, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Seattle.
We have been selected as a service provider for SES (Supplemental Educational Services) by the US government and have been providing Eye Level products to US public and private schools for their after school use. Also Daekyo America is expediting the franchise business expansions for Canadian, Central and South American market


Our operations in China started in 1997 with the establishment of Hongkong subsidiary. Now we are expanding the business through establishing joint ventures with world-renowned multinational companies since 2006, and services are being targeted at Chinese users. This market is all the more attractive because as yet no single player dominates the education services sector.

Southeast Asia

Daekyo paved the way for entry into the Southeast Asian markets as it supplied educational materials to local service provider in Singapore in 2000. Since then, we have established subsidiaries and franchises in Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia and are expanding our presence in the local markets. Daekyo is gaining confidence and accumulating know-how by successfully operating the business in local education markets in Southeast Asia.

Asia-Pacific and Other Regions

Daekyo entered the New Zealand market in 2000 and moved into Australia and the UK in 2002, Germany in 2005, Thailand in 2006 and Vietnam in 2007. We are not just entering new markets directly and then hiring local staff to run the business. Instead, we are diversifying our approaches by forming joint venture partnerships with major local players.

Eye Level, the Brand for Overseas Markets

Eye Level Math

Eye Level Math is designed to help students improve their mathematical thinking and problem solving skills by enabling them to master concepts each step of the way as they progress through the curriculum.
The Eye Level Math program is well aligned with NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) content and process standards, and links to the NCTM standards are highlighted throughout the Eye Level Math program.
NCTM standards reflect the collective view of mathematics teachers and should be carefully considered when designing mathematics curricula and instruction. Adhering to these standards will ensure that students master fundamental concepts in all areas of mathematics at performance levels that are developmentally appropriate.

Eye Level English

The goal of Eye Level English is to guide students to master English language skills while enhancing the four fundamental skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Various themes and diverse strategies will motivate students, nurture study habits, and develop language capabilities, which are sure to be the basis of lifetime learning.

Eye Level Korean

Eye Level Korean is a Korean language learning program designed not only for second-generation Koreans living overseas but also for anyone who desires to learn Korean as a foreign language. Eye Level Korean is a multi-step program that enables personalized learning at one's individual level of literacy ( Website : )