Noonnoppi Business

The Noonnoppi Business of Daekyo has been leading the development ofchildren’s education and culture based on the philosophy of Eye Level education, which understands from the perspective of children and respects individual characteristics and ability to identify children’s potential. We will make continuous efforts to manage systematically and produce more effective learning results through our learner-centered education system by the -individual and by his /her ability, which determines contents to learn depending on performances of learners regardless of academic years.


Under the new slogan “I am the key,” Noonnoppi envisions a bigger leap based on smartdevelopment and advanced thinking, and seeks to pursue self-directed, self-confident values of life. Serving as the facilitator that transforms our children, Noonnoppi will foster talents who lead their lives so that they can discover their true potential and self-growth.

Regardless of the standardized curriculum, what is actually learned by an individual is determined by each child’s academic level. Thus, we strive to deliver a learner-centered curriculum that is customized to the individual learner’s character and ability. As the slogan indicates, Noonnoppi motivates learners and develops creativity through learning processes where learners find themselves. It produces optimal learning effects by providing one-on-one education management by instructors specialized in math or language, organized evaluation system, and smart learning services. In addition to home tutoring education, various education channels, such as Noonnoppi Learning Center, which encourages self-driven learning, YES CLASS, Daekyo Firstclass, and telecommunication education all boost learning competitiveness of children.

What is Noonnoppi Smart Learning Service?

It is a customized one-on-one management system, which provides clear
educational instructions after assessment of learner’s characteristics and
gives scientific feedback after in-depth analysis of the learner’s performance.


CAIHONG chinese is a 1:1 Home-Visit Learning Program that pairs an expert instructor with professional materials. From child to adult, 7 levels, [Red (Intro), Orange(Basic), Yellow (Beginner), Green (Intermediate 1), Blue (Intermediate 2), Indigo (Advanced 1), Purple (Advanced 2)], are offered to provide gradual and systematic learning. The program develops all 4 language skills: intonation & listening; speaking; reading; and writing. In addition, the CAIHONG Chinese textbooks can be customized to learner group by Junior, Senior, Biz or HSK. It is by far the best Chinese language program in Korea that provides not only a systematic learning management, but also a native professional language instructor to teach standard Beijing Chinese, without being constrained by time or place.

daekyo firstclass

Daekyo Firstclass is a new study room system that integrates all of Daekyo’s education knowhow. By introducing a one-on-one customized learning system based on the school curriculum, this innovative education program is systematically managed by the instructor, who makes scientific diagnosis and prescribes a customized program that leads to improved grades.

dream mentor

Dream Mentor is an integrated mentoring program that supports activities of children and adolescents to find and realize their dreams. Based on individual assessment, customized consulting, first-hand experience, camping, reading are all provided by experts through the one and only system in Korea. Dream Mentor is launching a variety of specialized programs that covers mentoring, caring, travelling, etc. for all ages from children to the elderly.