Media Business

The Media Business of Daekyo is delivering customer value in diverse fields, including publishing, distribution, broadcast media, and textbooks, targeting from children to adults. It is taking the lead in the digital media era and providing the best contents and platforms that serve the fast changing market environment.


SOBICS, which is short for ‘Soaring+Big+Victory,’ is a luxe education brand that facilitates infants, toddlers and pre-teens to think and dream big. This brand markets approximately 40 types of volumes and series written for this learning group. It offers systematic and comprehensive curricula in various subjects, e.g., Comprehensive Reading of IR Subjects. Hence, SOBICS is a top national education service brand that is optimized to enhance a child’s reading ability, as well as his or her integrated thinking and creativity development.


The Soluny Forum is a premium learning system in which learners engage in small, select group discussions. Instead of the typical instructor unilaterally imparting knowledge, learners are encouraged to think for themselves and to express them in speech and in writing. Therefore, children are encouraged to identify solutions to problems they confront, thereby helping them develop the necessary capabilities to pioneer their own future. The program is composed of Reading, Essay Writing, History, Economic Forum and Middle School Essay & Discussion classes.


‘Ggumdal’ represents Daekyo’s brand of books written for its youngest readership. The name “Ggumdal”, or Snail with a Dream, represents the true integrity and value of goal-oriented education that demands unhurried and orderly planning and achievement. It can be likened to a clearly set goal, albeit at a snail’s pace. The program encompasses a wide variety of contents thoroughly aligned to the greater trends in today’s education to benefit toddlers who are learning to walk and then to run, and the elementary grade school kids who seek to expand their knowledge and grow their dreams. In fact, Ggumdal does so much more than simply write and publish books; our research and development efforts have the dreams of our children at heart, and a firm belief that we are helping them to mold their future world. Through our books, children are encouraged to see, hear, touch and feel what the world offers. To that end, we are committed to serve as the support pillars on which these children can stand, grow higher and dream bigger.

daekyo textbook teaching lab

Daekyo textbooks faithfully follow the 7th Revision of the National Education Curriculum. Programs in Beginner English, Middle School Korean, English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Chinese Literature, Everyday Japanese and Everyday Chinese are used in school classrooms. Written to meet the needs of the digital textbook age, Daekyo materials are multi-dimensional and creative. While they encourage self-directed learning, it is also classroom friendly and appropriate for the pedagogical activities of classroom teachers. We plan to develop and distribute the bound and digital versions of our textbooks that reflect the 2009 revised national curriculum and will serve as models of public education material. Additionally, ‘Teaching LAB’ is operated as a teacher support service. By providing a wide selection of requisite teaching materials in multimedia content and evaluation materials for various levels, they are defining and enlarging the boundaries of Smart Classroom environment in a digital textbook era. It is the ultimate goal of Teaching LAB to continue to offer high caliber services to represent the digital education contents platform.

daekyo kids tv

Daekyo Kids TV is a comprehensive edutainment (education + entertainment) channel for children that has been producing and offering fun and instructive programs since 1995. It is dedicated to bi-directional educational content development through HD digital content & digital cable, IPTV, WEB TV, and applications that can be used on a variety of platforms, i.e., cable, satellite, IPTV, internet, and mobile devices. In addition, from late 2011, Daekyo has begun exercising airing rights and merchandizing business after acquiring overseas program character license for business rights in Korea. In keeping with the age of multimedia, Daekyo Kids TV will continue to develop superior educational content for children and spearhead a future in which dreams can be nurtured.