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Textbooks and Reference Books Business

Textbook Business

Daekyo has published textbooks that are easy to learn and teach in actual schools by reflecting the revised curriculum in 2007. In particular, the company’s English and Mathematics textbooks for middle school have been used in schools since 2009. Other textbooks including Korean, Mathematics, Social science, Science, Chinese characters, Conversational Japanese, and Conversational Chinese were also developed.
Daekyo will continue to be a reliable partner in Korean public education by developing the best education contents and various methods of learning suitable to the time as well as learner-friendly education service and textbooks that are easy to understand and learn.

Reference Book Business

Since it started to develop workbooks for elementary school in 1996, Daekyo has published more than 200 reference books to establish a connection between customized teaching and learning.
As a reference book for elementary school, we have published the SSamcock series. “SSamcock” is the representative brand of reference books for elementary students taking Korean, Mathematics, Social science, and Science. We have also published reference books for school exam, sample question books for the assessment of educational progress, Olympiad sample question books, etc.
As reference books for middle school based on the Il-ta series, “Il-ta” being the representative brand of basic education materials for private institutions, we have published “Boom Up,” the English reference book series provided at various levels and fields, “Nae-seum,” the question bank-type reference book for mathematic concepts, and “Il-qeupsu,” a high-level mathematics workbook.