Chairman’s Message

With constant change and innovation, Daekyo will make broad and significant progress toward the better future.
chairmanMore About Chairman Young-Joong Kang

Founded in 1975, Daekyo has been bringing in new ideas and driving changes into the Korean education industry, based on its education philosophy “Noonnoppi Love, Noonnoppi Education,” which indicates that it thinks and teaches at the eye-level of children.

For the first time in Korea’s education industry, Daekyo introduced a customized learning system for individual children with different abilities and created the concept of “workbook.” Moreover, the company developed a one-on-one home tutoring system and was the first to start mobile education services, learning centers, and smart learning services in Korea.

On the basis of its management philosophy “to learn while teaching, to learn from what’s been taught (Kyohak-sangjang),” Daekyo is striving to deliver new value to customers through continuous changes and innovation as we speak.

In addition to its business expansion, Daekyo is strengthening its inner capacity through knowledge management and ethical management, and seeking to make a contribution to the society as a sound member. The company is constantly carrying out various projects that support education, culture, and sports for the next generation who will drive the future.

And now, Daekyo is taking on another challenge as a global enterprise pursuing sustained growth. It will strive to strengthen business competitiveness to lead the smart education environment and to explore overseas markets. Daekyo will do its best to become the world’s most specialized all-round education provider, which contributes to enrich the lives of people through excellent education services.

Thank you.

Young-Joong Kang Founder & Chairman

Chairman Young-Joong Kang’s Profile

  • 1972Graduated from Konkuk University
  • 1975Established Jong Am Institute for Children (former Daekyo inc.)
  • 1987Graduated from Yonsei University Gradate School of Education
  • 1990Completed Advanced Management Program of Seoul National University
  • 1992Completed Advanced Management Program of Korea University
  • 1992~2014.9Chairman of Daekyo Culture Foundation
  • 1995Completed Advanced Management Program of KAIST
  • 1996Chairman of Daekyo Group
  • 1998Completed Advanced Management Program of Sogang University
  • 1999Completed Advanced Business Management Program in Yonsei University Graduate School of Communications
  • 2000Honorary Ph.D in Business Management from Konkuk University
  • 2003~2005.7President of Asia Badminton Confederation
  • 2004Honorary Ph.D in Physical Education from Korea National Sport University
  • 2005~2013President of Badminton World Federation
  • 2006Completed Wharton KMA CEO Institute Program
  • 2006Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the 38th World Scout Conference and 10th World Scout Youth Forum
  • 2007~PresentChairman and Founder of World Youth and Culture Foundation
  • 2008~2012President of Korea Scout Association
  • 2008~PresentChairman and Founder of Bong-Ahm Educational Foundation
  • 2014Honorary Life Vice-President of BWF
  • 2014.10~PresentHonorary Chairman of Daekyo Culture Foundation
  • 2015~PresentPresident of Korea Council of Sport for All