Daekyo, an all-round educational company, will help people achieve their full potential with
		hopes of a greater dream and a brighter tomorrow.

Founded in 1975, Daekyo has molded the children of the Republic of Korea. It has gradually grown into the nation's best educational and cultural service enterprise, emerging as a frontrunner in the field of education.
Furthermore, Daekyo always cherishes the value “Love of Noonnoppi” in its heart as an educational enterprise. The term Noonnoppi, which is Korean for "eye level," represents our learner-oriented educational methods. In addition, we are aiming for various educational services suitable for a globalized, diversified social structure.
Daekyo has introduced a new form of educational technique called “Noonnoppi” education, creating a new paradigm in the educational industry. Driving such achievements are righteous management that observes theories and principles, knowledge management that maximizes work efficiency, innovation management that always seeks new things, and passion for endless changes and never-say-die spirit through human-centered talent management.

At the same time, the company makes utmost efforts to create a better learning environment by providing systematic, specialized education programs including Noonnoppi educational programs, preschool education program, educational publishing programs, teaching institute programs, home school program, and online educational programs. In the advent of the global era, the company made aggressive inroads into overseas programs, endeavoring to become a world enterprise that leads global education and culture.
To practice sharing management and create a healthy corporate culture, Daekyo operates scholarship programs, educational activity support, cultural activity support, and academic support programs. Daekyo intends to fulfill its social responsibility as an enterprise by launching various social service activities including Noonnoppi Love Volunteer Group and sports activities.