Daekyo Seeks to apply business philosophies such as value-, customer-, and outcome-oriented management as well as the reinforcement of change management. Based on the principles, the company tries to ensure the continued growth of its flagship operations with stable growth basis and to launch new projects with higher growth potential. The company also plans to realize remarkable advancement by discovering and implementing new business
models that reflect the changes in the educational environment and propose high value-added.
Daekyo sets its sights on a new kind of takeoff. Listed on the Korea Exchange (KRX) on 3 February 2004, Daekyo now prepares for its transformation into the world’s first-tier educational service provider.

Corporate Profile

Name Daekyo Co., Ltd
Paid-in Capital KRW52.1bn
Establishment 20 Dec., 1986
Settlement Month December
KRX Listing 03 Feb., 2004
Assets (2018) KRW 919.8bn(2019)
CEO Soo-Wan Park
Address Daekyo Tower., 23, Boramae-ro 3-gil, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Korea
Main Business Educational Service Business
Tel +82-2-829-1114

Corporate Summary

Name of Enterprise Group Controlling Shareholder No. of Affiliates Remarks
Daekyo Group Daekyo Holdings Co.,Ltd 22


[As of 30 Sep 2020]
Name Type of Business Establishment Paid-in-Capital(unit: KRW 1 million) Percentage of ownership(%) Listed
Daekyo Holdings Co.,Ltd Investment and Management Consulting/Holding Company 2001.05.01 31,437 - Unlisted
Daekyo Co.,Ltd Educational Service Business 1986.12.20 52,065 - Listed
Daekyo D&S Co., Ltd Total Construction Solution 2000.06.27 50,351 - Unlisted
Daekyo CNS Co., Ltd Software Development and Supply, Computer Operation Management 1999.07.05 14,949 - Unlisted
Daekyo ENC Co., Ltd Real Estate Development 1998.07.07 2,500 - Unlisted
Kangwon Deep Sea Waters Co., Ltd Deep-Sea Water extraction and sales 2006.03.08 27,995 - Unlisted
With the Green Co., Ltd Farming 2015.08.24 9,305 47.0 Unlisted
Daekyo Edupia Co., Ltd Educational Service Business 2003.05.15 18,024 98.6 Unlisted
Daekyo CSA Co., Ltd CS Consulting 2007.01.25 2,000 70.0 Unlisted
Daekyo EduCamp Co., Ltd Educational Service Business 2007.05.02 6,805 99.9 Unlisted
Daekyo America Co., Ltd Educational Service Business 1990.08.26 US$ 20,863,868 50.1 Unlisted
Daekyo HongKong Co., Ltd Educational Service Business 1997.01.10 HK$ 5,754,980 47.9 Unlisted
Changchun Daekyo Co., Ltd Educational Service Business 2017.02.22 CNY 10,630,527 100.0 Unlisted
Sanghai Daekyo Co., Ltd Educational Service Business 2003.06.23 CNY 44,214,484 100.0 Unlisted
Daekyo Malaysia Snd.Bhd Educational Service Business 2004.04.30 MYR 3,018,988 100.0 Unlisted
P.T Daekyo Indonesia Educational Service Business 2007.04.24 IDR 30,804,422,000 99.8 Unlisted
Daekyo Eye Level Singapore PTE. Ltd. Educational Service Business 2010.03.23 SG$ 4,277,710 100.0 Unlisted
Daekyo India Co., Ltd. Educational Service Business 2015.00.00 INR 191,698,200 100.0 Unlisted
Daekyo UK Co., Ltd. Educational Service Business 2015.00.00 GBP 1,077,534 100.0 Unlisted
Eye Level Hub LLC Asset/Investment Management 2014.03.01 US$2,646,884 50.1 Unlisted
KNOWRE AMERICAS,INC Software development and supply 2012.05.22 US$18,900,663 78.1 Unlisted
Eduvation Inc. Educational Service Business 1998.04.11 6,261 100.0 Unlisted
TeuniTeuni Co.,Ltd Educational Service Business 2017.11.23 - 100.0 Unlisted

Capital unit: Not applicable to foreign currencies