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Title [ News ] Daekyo Commemorates 33rd Anniversary with Eye on Challenge, Passion and Unity Date 2009-08-17

Celebrating its 33rd anniversary, Daekyo hosted the “Challenge, Passion & Unity Rally” on July 7th in ELTOWER in Yangjae-dong, Seoul, as approximately 600 employees from the company’s various divisions attended the event. The rally was conceived to be the opportunity for the management and employees to share the market sentiment amid the global financial crisis and to inspire one another for higher levels of creativity and spirit of challenge. Pre-ceremony programs included a special lecture “Emotional Leadership of Passion and Challenge” by Jin-hong Jeong, an editorial writer for the JoongAng Daily. Following the address by Daekyo Chairman Young-joong Kang, each of the 20 Noonnoppi divisions and eight new project divisions shared their determination and commitment to achieve the 2009 goals for their operations.

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