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Title [ News ] Daekyo Children’s Education & Culture Series Celebrates its 1st Publication Date 2009-08-17

Daekyo Culture Foundation and Daekyo Education R&D Institute jointly launched on 23rd July their first series of books titled “Daekyo Children’s Education & Culture Series” (the “CECS”), pursuing the general theme of education and culture for children. The launching celebration, too, took place on the same day. Aiming to help support research in children’s education and culture, the CECS has arrived after 12 months of preparation and writing that began in March 2008, when a public competition was held to help select five study topics. Under the specific theme “World Education: Here and Now,” the series presents five individual volumes: “Reading Education in the UK” (by Eun-ha Kim); “History Education in Germany” (by Ho-geun Choi); “American Literacy Coaching” (by Byeong-hyeon Yang); “Japan’s Idea-Breeding Education” (by Hye-suk Kwon, Gyeong-nan Bang and Yeong-gyu Lee); and “Russia’s Public Education” (by Mak-rae Jeong and Afanasieva).

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