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Title [ News ] Daekyo concludes agreement with Seoul City on Korean language home-visit study program for foreign families Date 2011-03-04

Daekyo and Seoul City concluded an agreement regarding the Korean language home-visit study program for foreign families. Based on the agreement, Daekyo will provide the Korean language home visit service and study books to foreign children and mothers residing in Seoul. Seoul City’s Korean language visit study program for foreign children and mothers is designed to boost the chances of foreign children’s admission to Korean school and lay down the foundation for community integration.
Daekyo plans to accept applications and provide tailored Korean language visit study programs to foreign families chosen based on the residence ratio of foreign children in each autonomous district.
The language ability of the prospective students will be examined and evaluated, and a 1:1 visit service will be provided to suit the level of the Korean language education program. Daekyo will also provide special lectures on Korean culture and socio-cultural experience program to promote not only Korean language ability but also understanding of the Korean culture.




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