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Title [ News ] Daekyo establishes scholarship award program for self-directed learning Date 2011-03-04

Daekyo has established a “self-directed learning scholarship award” program and earmarked KRW 100 million won for such purpose. To motivate students who voluntarily learn and make efforts to realize their dream, Daekyo has established the self-directed learning scholarship award for the first time this year. A scholarship award will be presented every year.
This scholarship award will be presented after recruiting cases from Daekyo members who have experienced scholastic growth through self-directed learning. Students who have completed at least 1 course of Daekyo’s weekly visit learning program or Gongbuwarac program or whose accumulated study period is 5 years or more are eligible for application. The eligible ages are from the 2nd grade of middle school to the sophomore level of universities; applications are accepted until March 11 through the Daekyo website (
A total of 73 students will receive scholarships including the grand prize (KRW 10,000,000), gold prize (KRW 5,000,000), silver price (KRW 2,000.000), and bronze prize (KRW 500,000) at stake. Ten students will be selected every month from among those who have presented superior cases, and they will receive gift tickets worth KRW 100,000.
The final awardees who will receive the self-directed learning scholarship prizes will be announced on April 15, with a prize awarding ceremony to be held on April 23.

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