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Title [ News ] Daekyo inks contract with SK Telecom for smart learning service on smart mobile platform Date 2011-06-23


Leading education service provider Daekyo inked a contract with telecom giant SK Telecom to introduce smart mobile for innovating Daekyo’s customer service delivered on mobile platform on June 14.
With the agreement now signed, both companies will provide the learning management platform, etc., along with up-to-date smart mobile devices such as Galaxy S2 to around 12,000 Nunnoppi teachers and 500 Nunnoppi learning centers of Daekyo nationwide. Daekyo will become the nation’s first education service provider that establishes a smart office environment for all its members.
The learning management platform will be a key contributor to the enhanced education of students, enabling users to access an array of learning contents via smart mobile devices such as Smartphone and tablet PC.
The student management solution will allow teachers to monitor easily the students’ progress in learning via smart mobile devices. In addition, the customer counseling solution slated to be introduced to approximately 500 Nunnoppi Learning Centers across the country will be built around the tablet PC.

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