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Title [ Notice ] Daekyo Culture Foundation to host the 19th Nunnoppi Children’s Literature Contest Date 2011-06-24

Daekyo Culture Foundation, which is dedicated to nurturing the hopes and dreams of children in a healthy educational and cultural environment, will host the 19th Nunnoppi Children’s Literature Contest.
The Nunnoppi Children’s Literature Contest honors innovative and excellent authors and illustrators of children's books and contributes to enhancing the writing skills of children. It consists of two categories: the “Nunnoppi Children’s Literary Award” category for both new authors and established authors, and the “Children’s Poem” category for individual students and schools.
All entries must be submitted during the period August 15 ~ September 30. A total of KRW 100 million in prize money and prizes will be up for grabs.
In particular, free tickets to the International Book Festival have been given to the winner of the Nunnoppi Children’s Literary Award and the leader of the winning team in the Children’s Poem category since last year, offering an opportunity for hands-on experience with the world’s high-standard literature.

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