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Title [ News ] The “Noonnoppi Dream Project” Class No. 1 Launched Date 2011-09-20


The “Noonnoppi Dream Project” class no. 1 supervised by Daekyo’s Noonnoppi Love Volunteer Group and sponsored by the World Youth and Culture Foundation was launched.

The “Noonnoppi Dream Project” is a project aimed at cultivating talents in sports, music, and art of children from multicultural families in Korea, making a monthly donation of KRW 300,000 and offering a mentoring program.

The Noonnoppi Love Volunteer Group held auditions in each application field at the Gyeonggi Academy of Foreign Languages, Korea National Sport University, and Daekyo HRD Center for two days on Aug. 20 and 27 and finally selected 30 children.

During the audition, children selected from all over the country following the primary document screening had the chance to audition for various fields including painting, singing, playing a musical instrument, dancing, soccer, badminton, music, jumping rope, swimming, and taekwondo.

Experts working in each field were invited to be members of the judging panel; passion, potential, and attitude were the standard for judging the applicants. The selected children will get monthly support of KRW 300,000 for a year beginning this October. Through the annual retest, the support will be continued until the children reach high school.

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