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Title [ News ] Daekyo Culture Foundation Publishes Daekyo Academic Journal of Children 2011 Date 2011-09-21


The Daekyo Culture Foundation and the Daekyo KERI (Knowledge-based Education R&D Institute) published the third Daekyo Academic Journal of Children with the theme “multicultural education”.

Daekyo Culture Foundation is sponsoring the production of Daekyo Academic Journal of Children as series books to contribute to the development of the “children’s education and children’s culture” and to disseminate excellent research results to the public. Four excellent research subjects related to multicultural education were selected last year and they are published in book form this September after more than a year of research and writing.

The third Daekyo Academic Journal of Children with the theme “Future Talents Understand Multiculturism” consists of four books: “Multicultural Society and Global Leader” (Author: Byeong-wan Choo), “Multiculturism Learned by Arts” (Authors: Yun-gyeong Cha, Mi-young Kim and Seon-ah Kim), “Meet the Children Around the World Through Children’s Songs” (Authors: Yong-hee Kim, Seon-gyeong Park), and “History Education for Children in Multicultural Society” (Authors: Yong-gyu Choi, Yoon Min, Hyang-ah Lee and Gwang-won Lee).

Specifically, the first book form of this Journal, “Multicultural Society and Global Leader,” emphasizes the importance of education that plants global understanding in our children’s minds, stressing that the most important thing for the future is to educate them now for them to be global talents with moral capacity.

For the second Daekyo Academic Journal of Children published last year, the Daekyo Culture Foundation came out with five books with the theme “Creative Education Makes Our Future.” Next year, the Journal will be published with the theme “Raising Our Children in Multimedia Society.”

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