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Title [ News ] Daekyo makes inroads into home school business Date 2012-01-19

Having led the trend in the education market with the self-directed learning center dubbed “Noonnoppi Learning Center” Daekyo has made inroads into the home school business in earnest.
Last December, Daekyo launched “Daekyo First Class” a textbook-based home schooling service for students in primary school, and opened study rooms in major cities nationwide.
As the no. 1 education brand in Korea, Daekyo developed a new-concept study room system based on its accumulated know-how of the Noonnoppi(eye-level) education program for the past 35 years and its online education business foundation.
“Daekyo First Class” is the home school study system wherein members visit the study room where concept learning and problem-solving task tailored to each student’s learning level are provided on and offline. The customized textbook for study room members, “5 Step Master Book” facilitates self-directed learning from understanding of the concept to evaluation. Member students study with the exclusive teacher 60 minutes a day, 5 times a week at lower cost than private institutes.
In particular, by introducing the “Triple Learning System” a unique learning system provided by Daekyo such as systematic management by professional teachers, incorrect answer management system based on scientific diagnosis and prescription, 1:1 personalized learning, etc., Daekyo seeks to provide the best learning effect.

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