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Title [ News ] Daekyo declared change of Noonnoppi (Eye Level) BI and new slogan. Date 2014-05-14



On 22nd of October, Daekyo announced that they have changed Brand Identity of ‘Noonnoppi’, which is representative educational service, and also decided new slogan as ‘I am the key’.

This new BI is based on its original word mark BI but added special feature of key hole which describes intrinsic value of Noonnoppi education. The new BI has resolution that Noonnoppi education will help in realizing the full potential of children and recognize their own importance.

The new brand slogan, I am the key, also describes that they will provide education service that can help children to open the future by using of key.

With the change of BI, Daekyo is planning to lead domestic educational business continuously and promote Noonnoppi brand as a Global brand by providing unique and differentiated educational contents.

Mr. Jung, Up-Jin, CEO of Noonnoppi said “Noonnoppi will continuously show various educational contents and service.”

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